The new year is here, which means that it could be a new beginning for many job seekers looking to advance their career, or secure a new position. 2022 was an unpredictable year for many businesses coming out of the COVID fog. Some had to enforce return to office policies, whereas others decided to go completely remote. Employees re-evaluated their worth and happiness. Many left their positions to seek better pay or benefits, and in turn, the Great Resignation ensued. This will prove to be a challenging year for both businesses and job seekers with the looming economic downturn, but that doesn’t mean jobs will be scarce. In fact, the labor market is only continuing to prove otherwise with each monthly market report. Learn more about the labor trends we are expecting to see in 2023 below. 

Quiet Hiring

The viral term “quiet quitting” was coined last year as many unhappy and burnt out employees did the bare minimum in their positions. Employers are looking to flip the script in 2023 and introduce quiet hiring. Rather than advertising open positions – on their company websites, or third party hiring sites like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, or Glassdoor – businesses will be seeking talent through paid recruiters, networking events, and hiring within. 


Flexibility has proven to have more value than ever before for businesses. Workers got a taste of the remote work experience during COVID and are now looking for a position that allows them the flexibility of working from home. Hybrid positions will continue to trend for desk positions. Frontline workers such as those in healthcare are also requesting more flexibility with work hours, who is on their shift, and paid leave. 

Seeking Unique Talent  

Employers are going to stray away from “traditional talent.” Employers will be seeking talent based on their skills rather than their highest level of education. Job skills are proving to have more value than a college degree. Many employers will be removing a college degree requirement from their job postings and look closely at work experience. This will open the door for a new stream of talent and opportunities to those who may have not been considered in the past. 

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