Consulting Firms

Use of our data platform increases the value consultants bring to their clients and opens the doors to new, more innovative services. Real-time, high-precision market data creates new revenue sources and more opportunities to extend and broaden client relationships.

Consulting firms build their reputations on well-informed decision-making. We help them provide high-value labor market insights based on millions of corporate and individual datasets related to local, regional, and global labor markets.

These are just some of the ways our consulting clients are using the WageScape data platform to bring more value to their clients.

Endless possibilities to broaden and enhance services:

Data briefings. Analytical reports. Executive dashboards. Strategic planning. Competitor benchmarking. Workforce planning. COVID-19 impact studies. Economic forecasts. Industry and labor market analyses. Economic development and fiscal impact studies.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced client value
  • New service offerings
  • Brand differentiation
  • Next generation thought leadership
  • Broader client relationships
  • New revenue streams