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Our Mission is to make it easier for you to understand what's happening with today's job market.
This means providing information that’s

  • comprehensive

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  • accessible

The only comprehensive source of real-time labor market intelligence

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Our Clients

Investment Managers

Hiring behaviors signal a company’s business outlook. We give you an investment edge by surfacing these signals months before they show up in other sources.

Recruiting & Staffing Professionals

We make it easy for your recruiting teams and your clients to see today’s market for talent, including job demand, pay levels, hiring times, and hot skills. Local, specific, up-to-date. We show you what’s happening with the jobs and markets that you care about.

Compensation Professionals

Now you can see pay trends as they’re happening.  We take the guess-work out of local pay conditions, and help you see how factors like skills and location drive pay variances.  And, we deliver pay data you can trust: company-reported with sample sizes many times larger than other sources.

Business Intelligence Teams

The Job Market Dataset was built from the ground-up to serve the needs of the most sophisticated business intelligence teams. Nobody else makes it so easy and so affordable to access real-time labor market data to serve your unique analytic requirements.

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Outlook For New Hire Pay Shows 3.1% Increase Entering 2020

You can learn a lot looking at real-time pay trends.  As we closed out 2019, average pay for advertised jobs in the US rose 3.1% compared to 12 months prior.  But, stats look very different across industries, and are indicative of an overall increase in demand for higher paying positions.  See the attached link for […]

November Jobs Data – It’s becoming even harder to fill open jobs

Everyone recognizes that it has become hard to fill open jobs, but over the last two months finding new employees has become especially difficult.  See our analysis at Yahoo Finance:  

November Jobs Data – Hiring Outlook For Early 2020 Strengthens

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