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Our Mission is to make it easier for you to understand what's happening with today's job market.
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Compensation Professionals

Now you can see pay trends as they’re happening.  We take the guess-work out of local pay conditions, and help you see how factors like skills and location drive pay variances.  And, we deliver pay data you can trust: company-reported with sample sizes many times larger than other sources.

Recruiting & Staffing Professionals

We make it easy for your recruiting teams and your clients to see today’s market for talent, including job demand, pay levels, hiring times, and hot skills. Local, specific, up-to-date. We show you what’s happening with the jobs and markets that you care about.

Investment Analysts

Hiring behaviors signal a company's business outlook. We give you an investment edge by surfacing these signals months before they show up in other sources.

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Our Data Formats

Local Job Market Reports

Receive monthly labor market intelligence reports for the job sectors and cities you need.  Easy-to-read reports are available to download monthly in PDF or XLS format.

Job Market Intelligence Dashboard

With our online analytics portal, view detailed pay distributions, monitor job demand and pay levels for benchmark jobs, analyze the impact of skills and hiring times, and much more.  The stunning visuals are perfect for taking your own reports and presentations to the next level.

Direct Data Feeds

Our most powerful offering with maximum insight and control. Bring the full power of our dataset into your own analytics environment or applications. We make it easy to access our comprehensive job market database using our API or secure file transfers.

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Latest news

nurse with her medical team

Looking Beyond February's Jobs Report - Strong Hiring In Healthcare Is Expected To Continue Into Q2

The government reported this morning solid growth in healthcare jobs during February.  And, according to market analysis firm Greenwich.HR , the forecast for upcoming healthcare hiring is getting even stronger.   Demand for future healthcare positions, as measured by new job openings, increased markedly during February.  For some types of jobs the demand grew by […]

New IT Job Listings Fall 40% in February

  New IT job postings fell 39.4 percent in February, according to Greenwich.HR. The number of days that job postings remain open also increased by an average of 20 percent. Which suggests access to IT talent is getting even tighter.   Is This A Sign That IT Spending Is Slowing?   “It's too early to […]

man with iPad representing healthcare management skills

Project Management Skills Command Salary Premium Among Clinical Workers

According to our newly released Monthly Job Market Report for US Healthcare jobs, clinicians with project management skills are in demand and command a 42% salary premium.

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Finally! Pay data that's current - not months old.

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Chris H. President, Replicant LLC

Simply the best labor market intelligence available.

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Mark W. Founder and CEO, Faavor