Key Takeaways:

  • Smaller cities have seen an increase in job listings and salaries.
  • Popular tourist areas are in need of workers as the busy season approaches.
  • Jobs in the manufacturing, retail, restaurant, public and medical industries are in high demand in the hottest job markets.

The labor market has evolved exponentially in the last year. Jobs are more readily available, and companies all over the country are in search of qualified candidates to fill open positions. Yet, according to a recent survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, 23% of open positions went unfilled in February 2022; the highest number of unfilled positions in 48 years. So, where are all these in demand jobs with vacancies located? With the labor market in its current saturated state it can be difficult for both job seekers and hiring teams to know where to seek positions and candidates. Check out our list of the Top 5 Hottest Job Markets below to learn more.

  1. Columbus, IN

Columbus, IN has seen a boom in businesses seeking qualified candidates with an 18% increase in both job availability and salary increases. This small, yet modern town known for its architecture and public art is a suburb just 45 minutes outside of Indianapolis. Primarily known for its manufacturing businesses, this midwestern town is putting the industry in industrious with its wide variety of jobs available from engineers to machine operators. 

  1. Bremerton-Silverdale, WA

Just an hour outside of the bustling city of Seattle, across Elliot Bay, lies an area with a bustling job market to match; the Bremerton-Silverdale area. This market has seen an 11% increase in jobs and salaries. So why is this small little island community looking to hire so many potential employees? The Bremerton-Silverdale area spans across 10 square miles on the shores of the Puget Sound, and is a popular tourist spot in the Pacific Northwest. With travel across the U.S. on the rise, it is likely that employers are looking to fill roles before their busiest season of the year. There are a lot of hot jobs in both the retail and restaurant industry in this market.  

  1. Fort Walton Beach, FL

Like the Bremerton-Silverdale area, Ft. Walton Beach, FL is also a hot spot for tourists. Those sugary white sand beaches, and beautiful high rise condos will have tourists flocking to the southern United States for a little post-pandemic R&R this summer. Which is why it comes at no surprise to see our data pull an 8% increase in jobs and salaries in this market. Real estate agents, hotel staff and nursing are among the most trending positions.

  1. Racine, WI

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan and just 38 minutes from Milwaukee, Racine, WI is a picturesque lakeside town in need of workers in a variety of roles. Racine has had a 7% increase in jobs and salaries this month. There are many open positions available in many different fields requiring specific skill sets such as veterinarians, administrative assistants, police officers, and sales associates. 

  1. Madera, CA

Madera, CA was named after the Spanish word for lumber, as this town was the receiving end for a 63 mile long water log flume in 1876 (wikipedia), bringing thousands of jobs to this small area. Jobs are bountiful once again as this town has seen a 5% increase in jobs and salaries this month. Retail and jobs in the medical field seem to be the most in demand.

It is apparent that smaller townships all over the country have the fastest growing job markets. Positions are in demand in all 5 of the cities listed above. Are you a hiring manager seeking new markets to search for potential talent? There are more cities all over the U.S. that have market and pay increases everyday, and we have the data to prove it. 
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