Frequently Asked Questions


How large is your dataset?

We have compiled data on over 24 million jobs, and we're adding data on 2.6 million new jobs each month.

How do you compile your data?

Our data is collected from public and private sources of job listings and statistics. We don’t use self-reported data from individuals. Contact us if you’d like to receive our white paper on how we turn job listing data into comprehensive labor market intelligence.

Why are you tracking job listing data?

Job listings have become the highest quality source of intelligence about the market for jobs.  They are technically robust and accurate, with much higher quality documentation and metadata than is available through salary and jobs surveys.  They are plentiful, allowing samples sizes 100-1000 times larger than other common sources, which also allows precise local analysis and segmentation.  Job listings are real-time, updated daily.  And they are increasingly the de facto method companies are using to communicate new and changing jobs - even for jobs that are filled internally - so they are comprehensive.  Finally, unlike any other source of jobs data, job listings are predictive, since they indicate commitment to hiring actions that will happen 1-3 months in the future.

How do you collect salary information?

About 15 percent of job listings include wage information. A larger percentage have job content and other meta-data we can use to estimate salaries.  Because we collect data on so many job listings, we are able to collect and analyze a large amount of salary data.

Will you be adding more industries?

Yes. We’re adding new sectors approximately every 60 days.

Can we download the data?

Absolutely. Data download capabilities are included with all of our services.

Can we get custom reports?

Yes. Custom reports can be generated to match your specifications. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide a quote.

Do you have an API?

Yes. Check out our Pricing section for more details.

Do you offer enterprise discounts?

Yes. We offer bundled solutions for your teams and your clients.  Please contact us at for more information.

Can we benchmark our own company?

Yes. Our data allows you to benchmark your own organization's hiring behaviors and outcomes against the competitors you specify.  Please contact us at for more information.

Can we embed your data in our own publications and internal applications?

Yes. Per the Terms of Use, the data and visuals provided by Greenwich.HR are available for use internal to your organization. Please contact us before sharing any content outside your organization.