Leading Indicators – IT Hiring Outlook Jumps In May; Salaries For Data Scientists, Senior Security Jobs Are Rising Sharply

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Demand for future IT hiring in the US saw a 34 percent rise in May, according to labor market intelligence firm Greenwich.HR. This reverses a three-month declining trend, but listings for new IT jobs still remain well below their January levels. The inventory of open IT positions for US employers also rose 4.8 percent in […]

Montana Ranks Lowest For New IT Salaries Overall, Highest For New Application Developer Salaries.  How Is This Possible?

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Greenwich.HR Releases April’s State Rankings for IT Pay According to Greenwich.HR’s monthly analysis of advertised pay for new IT positions, there is wide variation in IT salaries depending on the state where the position is located. While savvy managers know this intuitively, data is now available that shows these variances can often exceed 100 percent. […]

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Looking Beyond February's Jobs Report - Strong Hiring In Healthcare Is Expected To Continue Into Q2

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The government reported this morning solid growth in healthcare jobs during February.  And, according to market analysis firm Greenwich.HR , the forecast for upcoming healthcare hiring is getting even stronger.   Demand for future healthcare positions, as measured by new job openings, increased markedly during February.  For some types of jobs the demand grew by […]