Are you looking for an opportunity where you can combine your technical product management skills with your desire to introduce the world to something amazing? All in an environment that embraces the needs of your complicated life? If so, we would like you to join our global team. 

We have created the world’s leading Data-As-A-Service labor market intelligence platform. That’s your starting point. We need your talent to curate this next-generation asset, and we need your imagination to extend its value well beyond its current boundaries.

This is a job designed for someone with larger responsibilities in their life, who wants to be part of creating something awesome, and a valued member of a talented team, but who needs space for important life priorities. If you are re-entering the workforce, or if you are taking a step down to create space in your life, we’ve designed this role for you.

Our company culture embraces individual complexity, flexibility, teamwork, a drive to win, and seasoned efficiency. If you like finding creative ways to get technology to do your work for you; if you fight to preserve your attention to the most important aspects of your life; and if you can’t stand losing; then you’ll fit right in. 

Our mission is to make the labor market more transparent. This sounds really geeky, and it is. But think about it. Jobs, pay, skills, careers – these things touch every life on the planet. Every individual, every family, every community, every organization, every economy. In 2020, the value of salaries and benefits in the US alone exceeded $18 trillion. Worldwide that figure is over $80 trillion.  But poor information about the labor market stifles lives and wastes countless billions every year. That’s our playing field.

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