Solutions for Investment Analysts

You spot industry trends before the rest of the market. That's hard enough on a good day, so we've developed a new tool for analyzing labor market data to help give you an edge.

Hiring behaviors signal a company's business outlook. Changes in hiring can telegraph changes in managers' expectations. We give you a way to see those signals 2-4 months earlier. In the past, labor market data has been of limited usefulness to the investment community. Labor market intelligence is often months or even years out of date. And, it's not relevant to specific companies. We've changed that.

We let you see in real-time what's happening with hiring at individual companies and across entire industries. We give you the data to see when established hiring patterns are shifting. And, to assess whether hiring is appropriate to fulfill management's outlook.

All of this gives you a new way to spot opportunities earlier.

Direct Data Feeds

Daily Direct - our most in-depth data offering, gives you exclusive direct access to our comprehensive Job Market Intelligence Database. Using a dedicated MySQL instance, our API or secure file transfers, you can add a powerful source of labor market intelligence to your own analytics environment and applications.