Although fast-food and casual restaurant chains did well through the coronavirus pandemic as their customers turned to drive-thru, carry-out and delivery services, they are seeing greater sales now that, many limits on dining room capacities are lifted and less people are concerned with Covid than at the height of the chaos. 

Restaurants have had a challenging time keeping up with this growth. “Leisure and hospitality employment increased by 74,000 jobs in September 2021 but is down by 1.6 million jobs since February 2020.”  The reason for this does not break down to a sole culprit. It is, however, a combination of a few pressures.Labor shortages across the board, rising food, increasing fuel costs, and not to mention some resurgency in Covid-19 cases. 

Below is a breakdown of some common jobs within the restaurant industry to get a snapshot of the restaurant service industry employment outlook.

JobAug Job #Aug Median salarySepJob #Sep Median salaryOct Job #Oct Median salary
Fast Food Restaurant Crew Member5,382$25,1935,239$25,2041567$24,940
Fast Food Restaurant Shift Coordinator44933,761423$33,504109$34,072
Fast Food Restaurant Assistant Manager69,59747,86539,962$40,34213,359$40,335
Restaurant manager74,248$48,24840,600$40,46513,617$40,404