Job Market Intelligence Dashboard

Job Market Intelligence Dashboard

Our Job Market Intelligence Dashboard helps Recruiting, Staffing and Compensation Professionals keep on top of industry trends at the National and State level. Easily spot trends with in-depth statistics and salary analysis across industries and talent sectors right now as they're happening.  We are continually expanding our industry sectors, so check back often for more offerings.

Choose a subscription package below to start.  You can change or upgrade your subscription at any time.


Single Sector
$75/ month*

with annual subscription*
See trends as they develop with in-depth statistics and analysis of a single industry sector.
Multiple Sectors
$50/ month*

per bundled sector

with annual subscription*
Add more industry sectors for a broader view of labor trends. Get substantial savings when you bundle multiple sectors.
All Sectors
$250/ month*

with annual subscription*
Best value. Get access to all sectors to gain a complete picture of industry trends.